My November Baby?


I remembed having a blog but no time to upload updates. I lost track of time the last time I posted a post was last March!

It’s November now baby! Yes. And I am in the middle of waiting for my due date. I am pregnant with our 2nd baby. 


February Comes and Goes

And ir’s like the phrase ‘you are 2000 & late’ can totally relate with me.


February comes and goes. And this year is the leap year. Means, February have an extra day of 29th. And there I was busy struggling, as always! And I must say February is another kick start for me. As I had started to stand tall on my feet back. Kinda.


It was hard at first because I had been numb and on pause mode for quite some time. Just look at how terrible my post nowadays. I had lost all.


I was getting back on track after the short hols during last CNY. Thank you short family trip. It reminded me how I need time off once in a while.


NH latest shawls were such a hit and I was more than thrill. I was on holiday mode, away yet still very much busy with online business. It was a good one. So that explained about my new gadget, which I seriously convinced my hubster that I am sooooooooo in need of this one. LOL. I have no idea whether he believed me or not, or maybe he was just pampering me!haha.


Bottom line, I got new pink gold phone, which is just an upgraded version of my Note 3. But hey! It’s pink! It has been so long since I play matchy matchy handphone with Hubster! Very long time ago. Just simply bcz I am an iP converter and he is forever Samsung religious. LOL.


And it is just an idiom I created!



Year End Trip

Gahhh! Mid February already. So much in my head and for now I really need to sit down and jot down some. Starting with my “Year End Trip” to the South. Okay. To the neighbouring country, Singapore.


It was Christmas time so hubs and I had decided to make full use of the days off. This is our 1st family trip with 1 year old B. B never travel outside Malaysia so I wouldn’t want to risk her getting cranky or not comfortable during the holiday. So Mommy said let’s do Singapore. It’s just a neighbour country so we can save the travelling time. Said the Mommy! haha. Well, it didn’t go that way.


We had 2 alternative roads to Johore before Singapore. It is either we go straight away to Johore or go to KL then to Johore. Hubs was convinced that Johore straigh away is nearer. So we chose that option. But trust me, if there is next time to Johore, we rather go to KL first. And like I said, IF. The journey from Besut to Johore took almost 8 hours and it was quite winding and all. I used to travel to Johore from KL and I really think Besut to KL to Johore is much more convenient. Okay. Nuff with that story.


We arrived at about 830ish pm. We checked in our luggage and dashed to the nearest restaurant. Nothing much to say because we didn’t really have time to explore the foods in Johore. Just a typical Malay-Thailand restaurant. The next day, we entered Singapore thru Tuas checkpoint and straight to Sentosa Island. Currency exchange was a bit high, 3.06 if I am not mistaken. Driving in Singapore is quite pricey because the parking fee is sooo expensive compared to Malaysia.


At the end of the trip, we must say it was a pleasant and enjoyable trip afterall. I was quite afraid that all those places going to be extra packed and crowded because it was kinda long holiday. But Alhamdulillah everything turned out well. And driving in foreign land wasn’t that bad too!


We drove back to KL and continue our further shoppings! Heeeeeee 😀

Hello 2016

Look at how lame my post title is. “Hello 2016”? Seriously?! Haha. But that is the only thing that came across my mind now. And Hello 2016.



It is the 3rd day of 2016. I am a little reluctant to believe that it is another brand new year. I mean, it means I bid bubbye to my big-fat-flirty-thirty and welcome 3 and 1.


Alhamdulillah for another borrowed year, although I am not sure whether it’s gonna last till the end. But nevertheless, syukran Allah. So many things happened in 2015, Some bittersweet memories. But I am not in the mood to recap and detail out everything. Let just say, I pray for a better 2016 with the loved ones. All my loved ones. Life full with barakah, inshaAllah. What more can I ask for?


And for now, since 1st January I was busy looking for organizer refill. I didn’t buy new one because my Why Not Kikki K is still doing ok despite the dirt and pen marks here and there. So I don’t feel like wasting some more for just an organizer. I feel like changing the inserts. But unfortunately, they don’t have that in Terengganu and Kelantan. Bummmmer. I’ve been searching in almost all bookstores and got frustrated. I even got annoyed when some SA asked me what is ‘an organizer’ is. I have to describe bit by bit and they go…

” Oh! The book that look like a calendar right? No. Sorry, we don’t have”

Preparation For ‘IT’

My previous post was in October and now November is almost over. Am I that busy so busy I lost track of everything? Man.


So, towards the end of November. In a week, December will come. I made few plans for couple of months. For myself, my family and my business. I must say at 30, I think I am doing okay running errands on one hand and baby on the other hand. Business, both construction and boutique is doing well, Alhamdulillah. And I am trying my best to take over gracefully.


So nothing much I can spill in this post since I am so tired to think. In my head now is my baby sleeping in the cot, my flabby post-delivery tummy, my pending letter to project consultant and account ledger for my boutique.


Then I shall update more later, via mobile.


Maybe it’s time for Note 5. And pls, I hate that Samsung only sell 32GB memory for Malaysia. wtf?! I selfie , wefie and snap all the time I need 128GB! They shouldn’t omit the external memory card slot!